Bimini Road Rally


Part event, all adventure, the Bimini Road Rally is a one-of-a-kind PWC ride that will take 20 special eventurists on a four-star trip from North Miami, across the open-ocean and the Gulf Stream, to the islands of Bimini in the Bahamas, smack-dab in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle.

Bimini has long been an area of mystery, intrigue, and adventure. Located just over 51 miles from South Florida, Bimini is made up of three small islands - North, South, and East Bimini – all rich in history and natural resources.

It is believed that this tiny island community was once part of the road system of the Lost Continent of Atlantis. The Bimini Road is said to be the remnants of an ancient path to Atlantis and lies in roughly 20-feet of water off the beaches of North Bimini. Bimini is also the site of Ponce De Leon’s fabled Fountain of Youth. Said to be the heart of the Bermuda Triangle, Bimini is well known to provide the unexpected.

Each eventurists will test their physical and mental stamina in this demanding, once-in-a-lifetime ride with the safety of expert PWC adventure riders and the support of experienced escort boats leading the way.

WaterTop’s Bimini Road Rally is a very exclusive adventure/event, or e-venture.

Twenty very lucky people will be treated to a four-star experience in this all-inclusive (excluding alcohol) PWC trip. The BRR shares the same caliber of event production detail WaterTop Unlimited has incorporated into numerous special media, VIP, and celebrity productions that have made the agency renowned in the Marine industry as one of the best. Now WaterTop is opening the door to the public to take part in this e-venture that is sure to provide an experience of a lifetime.

The BRR e-venture will include a one night stay at the posh Ocean Pointe Double Tree Resort and Spa in Sunny Isle, FL, welcome reception, 50+mile trip across the Gulf Stream to the island of South Bimini, stay three nights at the premier Bimini Sands Resort and Marina, enjoy a Bahamian cookout, area tour and Poker Run around the islands of Bimini, visit to the Bimini Road and Fountain of Youth, Alice Town, and trip back to Florida.

The Bimini Road Rally is not for the faint of heart, as a trip into the Bermuda Triangle always brings uncertainty and challenges but our experienced WaterTop staff will ensure that you will have an incredible experience-of-a-lifetime. This Rally is limited to 20 eventurists who meet the detailed criteria required for this trip.  The WaterTop staff will do EVERYTHING to make the trip as easy and memorable as possible . . . except squeeze the throttle.

This package also includes; Bahamian Boating License ($150), meals, up to 50-gallons of fuel in Bimini, luggage transfer, hotel accommodations in the Double Tree Ocean Pointe Spa in Sunny Isle, Florida and in Bimini, dockage at Bimini Sands, secure tow vehicle parking, WaterTop’s BRR gift pack, and chance to appear in a national published magazine.

WaterTop’s Bimini Road Rally is truly a premium PWC e-venture, and promises to provide you a sense of accomplishment few have experienced.

Be a part of it!

The Bimini Road Rally is now a group package only. If your group - minimum 15 - is interested please contact us. Only Applications that meet the criteria will be accepted. E-Mail us to ask for a application package.


The price for this experience of a lifetime is $2300.00 per person.*
*$1900.00 for second person of a couple sharing the same bed


For more information on Bimini visit the following websites: then go to Bimini